Hello Friends and Family!

The two of us are so excited to start our life together. We share the opinion that life is made up of the experiences that you have, and not the things that you have. With this in mind, we have decided that instead of wedding gifts, we would rather have donations to our honeymoon in Scotland. The registry can be a little confusing. If instead of picking an "event" or "item" in the registry, you'd prefer to just donate an amount - use the "customized gift" portion - or whatever other means you'd like. 

We would be grateful for any sized donation. Our goal is to spend two weeks in Scotland, staying in bed and breakfasts', and avoiding the "tourist circuit". We feel that $5000 would allow us to eat, sleep and enjoy a more authentic Scotland experience (the tourist circuit would cost three times that). 

We thank you so much for your help, and are grateful to have you in our lives. 


-James and Caitlyn 

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